Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Making toys come alive!

A toy design company, Making Toys Come Alive, is in the process of coming up with a new series of toys. In order to appeal to the target audience, the company is inviting young designers to come up with creative and interesting designs for children 5 - 7 years old. The theme for the design is Christmas and cams have to be used in the design.

In order for you to be able to come up with a design, you need to first understand
1) The different types of motion.
2) The different types of movement using cams,

Activity 1:
You are going to learn about the different types of motion and cams through a quiz.
Click on quiz to go to the quiz.

Use the following websites to help you with the quiz.

i) Click on the following link to understand the different types of motion.

ii) Click on the following link to understand how different cam works.

Now that you have understood about the different types of motion and how a cam works, you are ready to start with your design!

Activity 2:
In pairs, based on the theme - Christmas, brainstorm on ideas for the design of the toy.

You may work in pairs.

Click on the following link for examples of the application of cams.
Note: You are to publish your design on the blog. Your design is in the form of sketches showing the initial and final positions. You are to explain how your design works in a short paragraph.

Email to seah_yen_sin.mtca-designs@blogger.com to post your designs onto the blog.
1) Indicate your name on the space under subject.
2) Attach the photos taken using photobooth.
3) A short paragraph explaining how the design works.

Click on the following link to view uploaded designs. Your comments and feedback are most welcome!